HALO Bluetooth Headset and SP200 speakerphone from Jabra

Thanks to a report over at cnet we are now aware that Jabra has introduced 2 new Bloutooth devices at CTIA 2009 and are the Jabra HALO Bluetooth headset, and Jabra SP200 speakerphone.

The Jabra HALO features Bluetooth or A2DP to stream music for a Bluetooth enabled MP3 player or mobile phone, and also features an option for wired connection if the handset only has a 3.5mm headphone jack. The Jabra HALO features all the regular gear associated with a Bluetooth headset but also boast Zirene Power Bas for better quality audio and noise Blackout.

The Jabr SP200 is a simplified version of the Jabra SP700 and has been designed for hands-free in car usage and can also serve as a standalone home or office speakerphone. The Jabra SP200 is available this month for $59.99 while the Jabra HAOL will set you back $129.99 in May.

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