Web 2.0: Is Web-based mobile apps better than native apps?

While at Web 2.0 Expo, developer Jason Grigsby made the argument that it is better to develop web based mobile applications than native applications for such mobile phones as the Apple iPhone, states an article over at Informationweek.

Following the release last year of the Apple iPhone SDK, many developers jumped on the wagon after hearing tales of instant success combined with riches much like Ethan Nicholas who created iShoot and reportedly scraped in $600,000.

But we don’t get to hear about those who haven’t done so well like FreedomVOICE Systems who submitted their app Newber, which has cost in excess of $500,000, and have been waiting some 182 days to hear back from Apple as to whether the app has been successful or rejected.

FreedomVOICE believes that for Apple not to accept, reject or even communicate over submitted apps is basically ignoring a social responsibility as a company, and if apple has straight out rejected Newber 6 months ago FreedomVOICE would not only have saved in the region of 50 to 100K but would have turned to the BlackBerry smartphone platform.

With this sort of evidence, Jason Grigsby has now moved to developing web apps rather than native iPhone apps.

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