BlackBerry Storm BOLT Browser named App of the day

While visiting CTIA 2009 in Las Vegas, the guys of wirelessandmobilenews.com saw what they say was a spectacular demo of the BOLT mobile browser working on the RIM BlackBerry Storm smartphone along with other handsets.

There take on BOLT was that Bitstream has created a very fast computer style experience which had undoubtedly been improved by use of beta testers. The smartphone receiving the most downloads of the BOLT browser is the BlackBerry Storm, and BOLT now includes new features based on feedback from BlackBerry Storm users.

One such improvement is when there is a link, on the first tap the fonts get bigger, and with the second tap you can go to the link, and users have said they really like the BOLT browser for viewing videos, and as such BOLT has been named the BlackBerry Storm and J2ME App of the Day.

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