Sprint should sell Palm Pre for $149

We should be seeing the Palm Pre smartphone hit sometime soon, and although the initial touted price of the Palm Pre was $399, it soon got pushed down to sit around the $199 to $299 mark.

However, the guys over at cnet reckon that Sprint needs to do better and break that $199 figure by lowering the Palm Pre to a more suitable $149.00.

They see it like this…Apple will push out a new Apple iPhone soon, the base iPhone is $199 and a possible lower priced entry lever iPhone on its way. Then there’s the Google Android T-Mobile G1 priced at $179, and of course BlackBerry smartphones are getting cheaper.

So basically if Sprint and Palm want to keep the Palm Pre in the game they simply have to lower that price to the $149 mark just to give it a fighting chance of competing.

Agree or disagree? Let us know.

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