Samsung OmniaHD i8910 passes FCC and gains approval

The guys over at Engadget Mobile have spotted the Samsung OmniaHD, or is it the Samsung i8910, over at the FCC, and the Samsung OmniaHD has now gained FCC approval.

That’s the good news, now the bad news is the Samsung OmniaHD only passed with 1900GHz 3G for North America, but hopefully the Samsung OmniaHD will be tweaked prior to launch.

A Samsung OmniaHD minus any branding and unlocked with 850/1900 bands would be quite nice at this point, and who knows, maybe Samsung will take a tip out of Nokia’s book one day.


2 thoughts on “Samsung OmniaHD i8910 passes FCC and gains approval”

  1. Meredith says:

    Hi, I was wondering the approximate time period it takes for a phone to be approved by the FCC to being able to be purchased by the United States public?

    Maybe you can go back and see how long it took for the original Omnia on Verizon’s network to come to the public after it’s FCC approval as it seems to be the closest phone to the I8910 HD.
    Thanks for any information, I have been waiting impatiently for this phone to release here in the United States and when it does, I’m going to attack the hopefully Verizon store! Haha.

  2. Rana Tauseef says:

    I am using samsung omania from last four months, recently i have started facing two problem, 1 camera is not functioning 2 My voice is not passing through the other end.Please help me,even i cant formet my phone because the buttons are not working properly.

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