Palm Pre launch May 17th as Sprint halt employee vacations

Everyone is waiting impatiently for word on just when we are to see the Palm Pre smartphone actually see a launch, and one sure sign of an impending launch is when a wireless carrier such as Sprint freezes their employee’s vacation times for a whole month.

Well according to a post on phonenews, Sprint has halted any employee vacation during May, as the Palm Pre is about the only real headline handset with Sprint so far this year; it looks like indicating the Palm Pre is set to go live sometime in May.

Sprint internal documents have the Palm Pre launch window as May 17th, and Sprint employees have begun Palm Pre training session, and the word is there will be first a soft launch on May 17th to gauge sales potential with a full launch scheduled for June 29th depending on how well the May 17th launch goes.


One thought on “Palm Pre launch May 17th as Sprint halt employee vacations”

  1. Chris Neuman says:

    I am partial to the TREO. I started with a 650, moved to a 750. I am eagerly awaiting the PRE in a GSM format from Rogers in Canada.
    If it does not arrive soon, I will have to move to the new IPHONE coming out this summer. My son has an IPhone and it appears great.

    TREO…please hurry up already!

    Chris Neuman

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