LG GW610 Smartphone Coming Soon with Windows Mobile

LG is to release a brand new mobile smartphone named the LG GW610 which will also come with Windows Mobile.

So far LG have given us pretty cool Windows Mobile phones such as LG KS20, LG Incite and the not released yet LG GM730, these are the three handsets that seem pretty good, apparently and according to UnWiredview LG are to release 10 smartphones by the end of 2009 and it seems this all new LG GW610 Smartphone could be one of them.


This phone was found via a Wi-Fi Interoperability Certificate, some of the features that maybe found on this new phone will include a square 320 x 320 pixels display, UMTS connectivity (probably HSDPA too) and a 2MP camera. There are no images as of yet nor is there any release date or prices, we will keep you posted.

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