Apple iPhone inspired Chrysler 200C concept vehicle

It’s not often a car concept gets inspires by a mobile phone, but according to a report over at product-reviews, this has happens with the Chrysler 200C concept which will utilise the iQ Power touch-screen system, and it is this system that has been inspired by none other than the Apple iPhone.

The Chrysler 200C concept was first seen at the Detroit Auto Show 2009 and is a 4 door electric powered vehicle with the iQ Power touch-screen system being patented by the Nartron Corporation, they same company behind human interface tech used by the likes of Apple.

Apparently the interior of the vehicle uses a virtual trackball situated on its curved dashboard, and the driver can use any smartphone as a virtual key fob. The driver touches or drags the touchpad to enable certain car functions, and this should be launched sometime in the year 2012.

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