Unlocked Apple iPhones for $800 from Buy.com?

So, just how much would you consider paying for an unlocked Apple iPhone? Well according to iphonestalk, Buy.com has one for sale for the princely sum of $800.

Kind of expensive isn’t it. One could surmise that it’s up to what the market can take, but with the new Apple iPhone on the horizon that $800 does seem somewhat steep.

Unlocked Apple iPhones for $800 from Buy.com?

Apparently these unlocked Apple iPhones work fine with software updates, but we have no idea where Buy.com got them from, how many or how long they will last at that price; but I’d have to say at $800 they won’t be shifting out the door in to much of a hurry.

What do you reckon readers, how much would you cough up for an unlocked iPhone?

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