Android 1.5 vs. iPhone 3.0 vs. Palm Pre

The all new Android 1.5 platform will indeed have many new features which will be highly sought after by developers and users, but the question has to be “Can it beat the likes of iPhone 3.0 or indeed the Palm Pre?

Android 1.5 will start shipping on new hardware later this year from Samsung and soon followed by other manufactures, will it be really good is another question that will be answered sooner or later, its primary backer Google will compete against WebOS on the new Palm Pre and the soon-arriving iPhone 3.0. “Google and the Android folks have a real challenge in the market on their hands,” said Jack Gold, an analyst at J. Gold Associates. “They basically have to become more than equivalent to what’s already out there.”

iPhone 3.0 and the Palm Pre will be with us in the next few months and the Android 1.5 platform’s full release will be an over-the-air update to the T-Mobile G1 which will obviously cause a few sparks. Computer World have a better insight on this matter which we think you should read, the new Android 1.5 platform will feature speech recognition, widgets for the home screen, support for soft keyboards, live folders and much more, there will be a lot of fixes as well.

So who will win the platform challenge? Will it be iPhone3.0, Android 1.5 or Palm Pre’s WebOS

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