HTC Touch Diamond 2 Manual: PDF Style

If you are waiting patiently to get your hands on HTC’s new Touch Diamond2 smartphone you may well be interested in knowing that the HTC Touch Diamond2 North American manual is now available in PDF.

The HTC Touch Diamond2 PDF manual was located by the guys over at XDA Developers, and is available in several languages from English through to Chinese.

No doubt there will be several goodies to be found with the manual like the ISO settings for the camera, and a walk through of the new version of the TouchFLO 3D interface. So if you happen to be perusing the manual and come across anything exciting drop us a comment.


One thought on “HTC Touch Diamond 2 Manual: PDF Style”

  1. André says:

    Hi. I have just received my new htc touch diamond2 but the auto-rotate function does not work. Is there a chance that it would work again after a hard reset? And if so, how do I execute a hard reset?

    Or: is there anyone who could advise me in this matter?

    I switched the function ‘on’ in the installation-module.

    Thanks for reacting. André

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