Can iPhone 3.0 and Palm Pre help falling mobile market?

When it comes to the handset market and falling mobile phone sales many companies have been hit hard and included on that list of the falling is Nokia, Reuters has already reported that Nokia has hit a slight slump in sales.

Rick Simonson, Nokia’s CFO said that that the mobile phone market has not quite hit rock bottom just yet, Nokia has been hit by the global recession with a massive 27 percent fall in January-March sales which is their biggest drop ever.

This is why we ask if the Apple iPhone 3.0 and the Palm Pre can save the fall, the new launch of the Palm Pre and the new iPhone coming this year should be a blessing in disguise and we see here on phonesreview.co.uk that these two smartphones are very popular indeed.

So do you think that the iPhone 3.0 and Palm Pre can elevate sales or do you think that the market will continue to drop?

Source — product-reviews.net

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