Orange Vegas Pay As You Go Touchscreen under £50

Orange UK has now released the affordable touch-screen handset Orange Vegas and is to be sold in the UK by Orange for just £48.50 that about $71 and will be on Pay As You Go according to a report by UnwiredView.

Spec wise the Orange Vegas offers up a 2.4 inch QVGA display, specifically designed for Orange user interface, 1.3 megapixel camera, FM radio, MP3 player, Bluetooth, and microSD slot.

A fairly basic handset, the Orange Vegas is exclusive to Orange and is available in pink or black and is at present exclusive to the UK but Orange will probably bring the Orange Vegas to other markets in the future.


49 thoughts on “Orange Vegas Pay As You Go Touchscreen under £50”

  1. Laura says:

    Hi i have an Orange Vegas. I brought it the day after it came out. It is really super cute, i have the pink one. It is the 1st touch screen i have owned and i got it because it is cheap and pink!

    The touch screen is really responsive when texting (not using predictive as i never use that). The hand writting bit is just a waste of time really as it really, really slow as you have to do a letter at a time.

    There is a really random thing with the message outbox…i can’t find it anywhere! It asks if i would like to save texts to it and the log book says it has one, but it really isn’t there.

    Also the scroll bars at the sides of things are hard to use.

    I don’t find the stylus hard to use but i don’t have another to compair it to.

    Another problem is downloading things. This mobile is not listed in the drop down menu on the orange website. I spent ages at the phone shop the day after i got the mobile while we tried to download stuff but it just never happened. I contacted Orange but they never got back to me. You must be able to download stuff as on the game menu it says ‘Games’ yet there is only one game in there.

    Also, i recieved 2 picture messages and 1 video and the photo inbox was full. You have to save them to the memory card and delete the inbox.

    You really have to buy a memory card for it as the phote couldn’t even save to photos without it.

    Another thing is when setting a picture as a wall paper, all the stuff on the screen is in the way of it. Yeah you can set the time and date not to show, but there is still a huge grey box across the screen.

    Composing a text message is a bit weird too. There isn’t a ‘Compose message’ bit above the inbox like usual. You have to either go to the persons name in contacts, reply to a text they have sent you (ok if they have already sent one!) or press sideways on the wheel button. Just a bit of a farse really.

    Then there is the turning itself off thing which is by far the most annoying thing, and the reason i got rid of my last mobile and brought thins one! (My last one was about 10million years old though so it had an excuse). If you don’t lay the Vegas down gently and it taps down it will turn itself off!! It turns off in my handbag too. This obviously really isn’t good. To start with i thought it maybe because it wasn’t charged. But i charge it loads as i don’t think it lasts very long. I have now obviously found out that it just can’t handle normal handeling. Oh and i left it in my car while i was at work tonight and it had turned itself off and wouldn’t turn on at the end of my shift! That isn’t any good if i had broken down or something.

    So unfortunately how ever cute i think the lil mobile is and how ever cheap it is (Even if it was only tenner) there is no point having a mobile that won’t stay switched on.

    I will be taking it back tomorrow 🙁

    I will hopefully get the pink LG Cookie as that is only £30 more in phones 4 u. Hope i will have more luck with a moble that has been out longer. Fingers crossed.

    Gutted the Vegas is going.

    Cheers, Laura T.

  2. sophie says:

    i disagree with laura!
    i got the orange vegas because it is cheap for a touchscreen and looked realy nice in the shop and i think it was worth it!!

    the comment posted by laura meens there must be something wrong with her phone or she hasnt got the hang of it because there is a compose message part and an outbox!

    the magicsushi game is very good and addictive but is the only one.
    i have found that the spekers are excellent and can get very loud with a good quality of sound.
    sending a text is very good too. you can have a normal phone keypad, a QWERTY keypad or simply write the letters on the screen although the latter takes a bit longer.
    the main menu and dialing a number is very simple and easy to use with your fingers but when you enter a section from the main menu it would be hard to use with bigger fingers, but i dont experience that being quite young with smaller hands.
    the vegas is small and quite light so you can easily slip it into your bag or pocket.
    the time on the screen is big and easy to see compared to my last phone where it was small in the corner.
    the stylus it cool as it can grow and shrink!!
    it is easy and simple to explore the internet with the farely big touch screen
    another point i was fascinated by was that, by plugging my phone into the usb, it can become a webcam! although it must only take about 2 frames a second or the internet might have just been a bit slow.
    i want to mention the music again because i think it’s realy good!!

    the bad thing is that you cant change the ring tone or text tone unless you download them from the orange wbsite – except orange vegas isnt in the dropdown menu and i’m never paying £3.50 for a ringtone. also it has terrible internal memory – you can not save more than 3 photos unless you get a memory card which i have done.
    also it would be handy to have a button to lock the screen like the one i had on my samsung E900 because i have to wait unil it locks before i put it in my phone sock or handbag but this isnt too much of a problem because you can set the automatic keypad lock to 5 seconds which i dont mind waiting for.
    also, a small problem is that theres no flash on the camera.

    overall, the orange vegas is a great phone and i think it is a bargain!! although there are a few problems, they are quite small and dont bother me

  3. sam says:

    got one the other day

    theyre okay but im a 19 year old lad and just find it too small so i am giving it to my girlfriend because she loves it

    and sophie…hold the menu button to lock the phone 🙂

  4. patttyy says:

    i might be getting one soon and i just want to know
    Is it reeally worth 50 quid :/

    🙂 better be good 🙂

    Also i am a thirteen year old boy and just dont know if it would suit me :S

  5. Alex says:

    I LOVE the vegas! it is so easy to use. This is my second phone because i’m only young but i find it so good! If your a girl, get a pink one, if your a guy (well this is pretty obvious) get a black one. Or the other way round, who cares not me 😉 So i recemend getting one


  6. Cary says:

    Hi. I’m thinking about getting the vegas phone but i’m wondering about the flaws more than the good qualitys. Is there anything thats REALLY bad? Also, why does the pink one cost more than the black one?

  7. andrew glover says:

    The one I bought turns itself of to, and for a phone just realeased it has no java support. Orange told me when i bought it no return unless faulty, now i know why.

  8. yes u can change the ring tones and have mp3s as ur ring tone you dont need to go on the orange website to get songs as i have done it to my mothers so if you want to know how to do it il be more than happy to explian its easy when you know how please email me at loisty01@googlemail.com to find out how theres no cheats or ilegal software involved i promise ok

  9. Cheese-Cake says:

    I am thinking about getting an orange las vegas but the first review by laura has put me off. Are they worth £50? How easy is it to send a message? How Much Memory has it got wuthout the memo’ card?
    Please Reply,
    Cheese-Cake (Not saying my real name :P)

  10. melissa x says:

    The Orange vegas is a cheap but fab phone x
    really the memory is rubbish and get a memory card its a must!!
    texting is a little bit hard but not impossible like most peole make out.
    if you get a memory card and put pics on you cant flick through them you have to click on it look at it then press back then click n it and so on it is a bit of pain :S
    when you apply a wallpaper there is a grey box blocking half the page you can see it still but i think it is a downer !!
    the phone is rather loud and you can put your own songs on once you get a memory card you can pop it in your pc and put anything on.
    lots of people keep saying you cant change your ringtone but you can!!!!!!!!!
    you go on settings then my profiles chose the one you need obviously not silent click on settings the coustomise and it give’s you options the put songs on change message tone’s and change stufff x
    the vegas also has bluetooth!
    just thought id mention when you put a memory card in (the slot is under the battery if no one can find it lol) and add songs and the stuff you want go on file manager then memory card if you cant find it.
    well that’s my review 🙂
    the phone is worth the money but if you are really fussyon the things you wnt dont get it 😛 x

    oh does anyone know how to get rid of the grey box on the front screen it is driving me mad 🙁 xx
    i really dont like this!
    this is the worstthing about the phone really
    someone help please

  11. Thanku so much Melissa x. My husband bought me mine for Xmas and all I wanted to do was change the ringtone and now with ur help..I HAVE!!!
    I don’t care what others say, it’s a great little phone!!

  12. loupyx says:

    The vegas is an amazing phone well worth the money 🙂 The only bad thing is you cant download much because not many file types are supported. I go my pink one fo £40 from the orange shop in town, and thats the same price as the black.

    as for the turning off thing, its never done that to me…

  13. Kirsty says:

    I have just bought one although it hasnt arrived and i am currently using a really old phone as mine broke and i am so impressed i can get a touchscreen phone which has got some pretty good reviews (although some not so good) for under a tenner although i had to put £10 on it! (dialaphone) il watch the switching off thing though

    1. balanal says:

      it takes a micro SD memory card. when i bought my vegas i couldn't do much so i spent a few bob extra on a 2gb memory card. and i have never had any problems with turning it off or it turning off by itself i think it was just an individual problem.

  14. when setting a picture as a wall paper, all the stuff on the screen is in the way of it. Yeah you can set the time and date not to show, but there is still a huge grey box across the screen how do you get rid of it

  15. dawn says:

    i got this for Xmas from my husband i think it is great it take a bit to work out how to put music on it and use pick for your wall paper. but it is a great little phone.
    the thing at the moment is there are no games and when i try and put free one on it just stores it and i can’t open it as a game any one know how to download games please.

  16. Soph xx says:

    I like the orange vegas! i am looking forward to getting one in 2 days! if it turns off, then take it back! personly i don’t think that the grey box will be that much of a problem… it will be my 2nd touchscreen, coz the lg cookie just got boringg … lol 🙂 + that some times turned offf 🙁 i hope i get a vegas that is not dodgy !!!!
    Soph xx

    1. balanal says:

      thats because when you send a text it gives two options "send only" or "save and send" it doesn't appear in the sent box unless you press save and send/.

  17. Poppy says:

    I am getting one in a couple of days and it arrives on tuesday. I am only 12 so I cant wait to get it!

    Ummmm, is the camera ok, i dont care if its only 1.3 but still 🙂

    Alsooooo is the grey box rlly big? I'm getting a black one, and im getting it on orange monkey. Is it easy to use?!

    thanks, Poppyy x

  18. Martin Hartnup says:

    I have just bought a orange vegas and i think it is fab except for the part where i cant get the memory card to work in it, wot am i doing wrong
    can anyone help me if they are having the same problem, thanks

  19. lynette says:

    absaloute crap!!

    i got the orange vegas for my birthday near around 22nd april and by the 12th of may it was broken! One afternoon it was fine then at about 5.00pm i went to go txt my friend and found that it was broken… there was a huge black shape covering up mst of the screen, i thought it would go away but boy was i wrong… the next the whole sceen was balck and the touchscreen was unresponsive.

    Utter waste of money, get the ZTE F102 instead like me 🙂

  20. Guest says:

    Bought Vegas Phone beginning of July. Great phone but at beginning of August stopped working the day we were going on hols. Left phone at home and when got back from hols went to Orange shop. As phone was over 28 day guarantee period would not help and am now waiting for Orange direct to sort out. If i had taken phone back to shop before going on hols it would still be under guarantee and i could have replaced it. Now have to deal with Orange direct and there customer service is not very good. Will be seriously looking to change network.

  21. ponygal says:

    iv got a vegas i really like it its fun and easy to us though i do wish it had a bigger memory space ): its really annoying as everytime i get a new photo i hv to delete an old 1 i got a memory card this was effient for a while but then it died on me it started to tell me that there was no saveing space then the next day all my songs had gone then the whole memory card just didnt accept the phone im takeing it for some one to have a look at it tomorrow fingers crossed it will work. its got a fun game and good for on the go internet and radio due to the good sized touch screen the pen is handy but i ussaly us my fingers as there quite small brilliant for texting and long charge sadly my vegas always goes into habbernate and is hard to get on i recomend it for first touch screen phones , textoholics and kids not a good phone for pepole who like takeking phots or vidoes and personaly i find the orange site to expensive to use (5.00 for a scrensaver!?!) and i wish it had more ringtones and more wallpapers.

  22. XxRzRXx says:

    it gd. cut easy too use but it does have a few problems. yeh the writings a waste of time. my one kept calling random numbers when i kept it in my bage or pocket. i think its becuse of that botton of the middle of the screen that u use to call people. the screen is quiet sensitive. it also happened when i locked my phone. i have to wait till the screen goes black then i doesnt call people so often as it use to. does anyone eles have that problem?

  23. Mark Wall says:

    does anyone know how to lock the dialing screen once a call is made so you can still enter numbers for voiemail prompts and entering phone numbers while you are on a call? Once you dial a number and press send the number dialing screen disapears! I'm probably being thick but can't seem to find out from the manual how to reactivte the dialing screen while on a call – frustrating!


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