iPhone News: second-quarter profits of $1.21bn, 8.16bn in sales

While several mobile phone manufacturers are announcing profit loss, according to a report by guardian.co.uk, Apple has unveiled 2nd quarter profits of $1.21 billion that’s about £822 million, and $8.16 billion in sales.

These announced figures puts Apple ahead of Wall Street expectations, and this is despite sales of Apple desktop and notebook computers was down some 3 percent.

The reason is fairly obvious; the Apple iPhone sales have doubled selling 3.79 million handsets which speak well for the Apple iPhone in these harsh economic times, and although we don’t know what UK sales figures for the iPhone are we can guess they are similar.

And of course the popularity of iPhone apps contributes some to those figures as Apple takes 30 percent of every app sold and with 1 billion apps downloaded some of them have to be paid for apps.

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