BT offers cheap Mobile Broadband Tariff

It’s taken them a bit of time but apparently BT has finally taken the step into Mobile Broadband and unwrapped their first mobile broadband tariff which comes bundled with their home broadband to create a cheap deal.

The deal is an 8Mbit home connection combined with a 7.2Mbit HSDPA dongle with 1GB monthly data allowance and will cost the customer £15.65 per month.

BT believes this new combination deal delivers a saving of in excess of £125 a year as compared to alternative deals such as Orange and Vodafone. BT customers will also gain membership to BT FON and access to BT Openzone WiFi hotspots across the UK and Ireland.


One thought on “BT offers cheap Mobile Broadband Tariff”

  1. I think BT also offer on demand pay per view digital TV service can also be added free of charge to any of BT\’s broadband or broadband and phone call packages. As there is no compulsory monthly subscription fee, we can simply pay for the programs we watch on TV. BT is a cheap and superior service

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