Is there going to be a Sony Ericsson X2?

Well apparently there just may be according to a post over on wmpoweruser. Apparently they are reporting that the founder and chief exec of Skyhook Wireless who are a clearinghouse that is used by the Apple iPhone, seems to have dropped a hint that there is to be a Sony Ericsson Xperia X2 on its way.

Now obviously as the Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 was a success it’s not too much of a surprise that Sony Ericsson would follow with an Xperia X2 sooner or later.

But so far there’s been no word, so when the Skyhook exec happens to mention they lost the contract to power the Windows Mobile base Xperia X2’s location based platform to Google that comes a good confirmation that Sony Ericsson is indeed planning an X2 for the future.


One thought on “Is there going to be a Sony Ericsson X2?”

  1. My wife is waiting for this phones. She read somewhere that it will be released next month (November 2009). However, I can’t find a website that doesn’t just say coming soon. I actually found this xperia x2 post due to looking for a release date.

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