Can you really see Palm Pre beating new Apple iPhone?

Yes it’s the same old argument of will the Palm Pre beat the Apple iPhone; well in this case will the Palm Pre beat the New Apple iPhone?

We all know what the Palm Pre has to offer including its webOS, but the big let down with the Palm Pre simply has to be the continued failure to actually materialise in the publics hands.

The one thing that can be said for Apple is they don’t dally about when it comes to a launch, yes there are many rumours but usually when a new Apple iPhone is expected it happens on or round about the rumoured time.

My personal thoughts on this subject is that if Palm and Sprint don’t get their collective acts together and get the Palm Pre out there then the Pre will have no chance at battling the new Apple iPhone and will probably sink into oblivion along with Palm’s hopes of survival.

So readers, what are your thoughts?



2 thoughts on “Can you really see Palm Pre beating new Apple iPhone?”

  1. You’re absolutely right — if the Palm Pre doesn’t ship soon, sales will suffer.

    But there are other, bigger problems with the Palm Pre. Developers are limited to creating applications with javascript, which will essentially be souped-up, local, web applications.

    Unless Palm has another shoe to drop, in the form of a full-access SDK, there will not be any graphics-intensive applications like Super Monkey Ball for the Palm Pre.

    What this means is that while the Palm Pre will be competing with the 3rd generation iPhone, it will be stuck using 1st generation iPhone technology from two years ago, when Steve Jobs was telling people that they could develop for the iPhone by creating web applications.

  2. tomascco says:

    Not sure if the other side of the pond uses the same calendar as the U.S., but according to ours, June 30 is the end of the first half of the year, the promised delivery date range. I remember the Iphone being announced in January 2007 at MacWorld, but it wasn’t delivered until June of that year. Not only that, we didn’t have as many public demos of what it could even do except what Jobs showed us at the announcement.

    Impatience is for the weak. Better a delay than a disaster.

    If WebOS is all it’s cracked up to be it will do well. Otherwise, it will succumb to the Iphone marketing.

    Timing is indeed critical, but a tested product is better than a flawed one that gets in users hands early.

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