Android Cupcake update rolling out in US and UK

According to androidguys, T-Mobile has begun pushing out the Android Cupcake update to the T-Mobile G1 smartphone in the United Kingdom and the United States of America.

Android Cupcake is reportedly sporting an on screen keyboard, video recording and playback, one click Picasa and YouTube uploading, auto-adjustment of touch screen when holding the G1 vertical or horizontal, Bluetooth headset support, home screen widgets and live folders, enhanced GPS and JavaScript and speech recognition.

Now all T-Mobile G1 owners need to do is sit back and wait for Cupcake to arrive via OTA, although I haven’t received it yet, how about you?


4 thoughts on “Android Cupcake update rolling out in US and UK”

  1. Marshall says:

    i havn’t received it yet either. when do you thnk we will receive it or when do you think many other will receive theirs?

  2. Masif says:

    Hi, I received my “Cupcake” update today at 15:00 BST, still playing with it, but i can confirm the bluetooth (not sure if we can transfer files yet between bluetooth devices) and on screen keyboard, theres even a system tutorial for the keyboard in settings – about phone – system tutorial.

  3. Dave W says:

    I think they got that from Tmobile Twitter, who it appears is unofficial and have been spreading some negative things about tmobile today.
    Haven’t had my update either.

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