iPhone News: Developers quick profit in App Store not found

Those developers of Apple iPhone application who jumped onto the bandwagon of the Apple iTunes App Store with a view to making a quick profit are finding it more difficult than first thought to come up with that smash hit app, states a report on Bloomberg.

With the availability of more than 35,000 applications now available for the Apple iPhone, iPhoners are picking and choosing what apps they decide to download, and with the expected new iPhone OS 3.0, iPhoners will be looking for even more sophisticated apps.

Juniper Research in Basingstoke UK released a report this week estimating that mobile industry wide sales of mobile programs may well exceed a staggering $25 billion by the year 2014


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  1. The scary part is if apple keep on pushing with the updates 3/4/5 etc – they are going to own the mobile patform – going beyond iphone and walking away with a majority of the $25 billion that is going to be spent on mobile apps, entertainement etc…

    The carriers will not know what has hit them!

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