Has Global Recession hit mobile market hard: Is there an antidote?

Everyone is finding it harder due to the economic recession, but has the economic downturn really had an effect one the mobile phone market?

Let’s face it, most people who have a mobile phone will always have a mobile phone whether there is a recession or not. The mobile phone had become an important part of daily life in so much as maybe an economic recession doesn’t affect mobile phone makers and carriers so much.

But how long can the mobile market continue without feeling any effects? And if the economic recession does impact on the mobile market is that an antidote that can change things around?

So I put it to our readers… Has Global Recession hit mobile market hard: Is there an antidote?



One thought on “Has Global Recession hit mobile market hard: Is there an antidote?”

  1. Aaron says:

    Well…..its not that it has not at all affect telecom sector. It has affected sale of handsets. Early people who used to upgrade their handsets in short span of time are now little reserved and postpone their buying decision. Hence it has affected handset sales and inturn affected all OEM’s. Apart from OEM’s OSP’s have been affected on their share on handset sales and also slight reduction of usage. People have become most cost conscious and eventually cut down on their usage on calls and data usage/subscription services. Hence we cannot ignore the fact that recession has also shaken telcom sector though not to the extend like the worst hit sectors.

    And as always price war on its peak during recession. With number portability, operators with huge cash flow are taking this as an opportunity to acquire more customers and bond them in for maximum tenure.

    So recession is not that bad after all….

    Any more comments…

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