T-Mobile G1 v2 pictured and loses uniqueness

The word from the guys over at the BGR is that T-Mobile is preparing to launch the follow up to the T-Mobile G1, and is the T-Mobile G1 v2, which is a retooled version of the original Android smartphone.

The T-Mobile G1 v2 does away with the “chin” of the original and gone is the unique sliding mechanism and is replaced by the more standard type of sliding mech.

Personally I think the losing of the T-Mobile G1’s “chin” and slide mechanism turns it into just another ordinary sliding QWERTY smartphone, as there’s no real stand-out design to set it apart from the multitude of others.

Anyway, the T-Mobile G1 v2 is expected to be available in October with a price tag of $148 based on a two year contract via Wal-Mart.


2 thoughts on “T-Mobile G1 v2 pictured and loses uniqueness”

  1. jbiz says:

    Get rid of full qwerty keyboard, it’s for old people who can’t handle sure-type, and give me a sleak, thin phone running Android then we’ll talk.

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