New iPhone 2009: Users demand 32GB of storage

According to an iPhone poll over on Macworld, over 2000 apple iPhone owners have voted that more storage is the primary thing they want to see in the new Apple iPhone which is expected to arrive in June.

22.5 percent of iPhone users voted for 32GB of storage for the new iPhone and was followed by a 3.2 megapixel camera for the new iPhone at 20.6 percent of votes, while a faster processor came in with 19 percent of the votes.

Further enhancements voted on were a front facing camera with 13 percent, WiFi with 8.5 percent, built in FM transmitter at 6.9 percent, magnetometer 3.3 percent and motion control at 2.8 percent. Will the poll make any difference to what Apple decides though…probably not.


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