New iPhone 2009: More Rumours And Speculation

More new iPhone rumours hit the net waves today as John Gruber of Daring Fireball post on what he thinks will come with the next generation iPhone and WWDC.

Gruber does seem to have a reputation for getting Apple rumours right, and he reckons a new iPhone model will come at WDC with twice the CPU and possibly twice the RAM, lends some credence to the possibility of video recording but doesn’t touch on the possibility of background applications.

Gruber states he believes both 16GB and 32GB new iPhone models will be released at some stage in July but doesn’t give a specific date. Gruber may be right and then again he may not as with Apple nothing is gospel until they say so.


One thought on “New iPhone 2009: More Rumours And Speculation”

  1. Shawn says:

    I believe Gubber could be right on this as i heard the rumour is right about Apple unveiling it’s new and improved version of I-phone!! I’ll be checking with puremobile on and off!! Please update us with news guys!!

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