Sony Ericsson wants Android Donut rather than Cupcake

Sony Ericsson is looking for a slice of the Android platform action, and they have a sweet tooth as Cupcake isn’t sweet enough so they want a Donut according to digitimes.

Apparently Sony Ericsson is looking to add Android 2.0 devices to their future line-up and the inclusion of Google Android 2.0 OS is in addition to continuing with Windows Mobile and Symbian handsets.

According to Sony Ericsson VP of Marketing, Peter Ang, the reason for bypassing Android 1.5 Cupcake is Android 2.0 Donut will “will provide more multimedia support” than Android 1.5 Cupcake.


One thought on “Sony Ericsson wants Android Donut rather than Cupcake”

  1. HereAndNow says:

    Sony Ericsson and others should build smartphone “platforms” that are capable of running all of the mainstream licensed OSes (Android/Symbian/WinMo/…). Then, the smartphones could be flashed, in percentages relative to customer demand for each OS.

    This approach would allow them to maximize their return on each smartphone design and it would also offer the possibility of running multiple OSes simultaneously, if virtualization on smartphones ever catches on.

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