O2 UK get Palm Pre so will they keep iPhone exclusivity?

The big news for the UK is that the word is O2 will hold exclusivity over the Palm Pre in the UK. It appears O2 has struck a deal with Palm so they can offer the Palm Pre alongside the iPhone 3G according to T3.

Looking at it this move will give O2 two of the biggest smartphones in the mobile world, and if and when the new iPhone 2009 pops up no doubt O2 will grab exclusivity with that as well, meaning they will be the sole supplier in the UK of both top notch smartphones.

But there are whispers that Apple is doing away with exclusivity in the UK, US and France and Germany which could mean O2 will lose the iPhone 2009 and this will certainly chop into their profit and loss.

So the real question is will O2 be able to keep the iPhone or will it simply be replaced by the Pre?

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