iPhone App Ideas Made into Apps by MEDL Mobile

The Apple iTunes App Store is one of the fastest growing enterprises in recent history, and is known as a developer’s goldmine due to success stories like iShoot which earned developer Ethan Nicholas some $900,000.

MEDL Mobile is a company which aims to make it possible to get peoples ideas into the iPhone App Store without financial outlay or technical knowledge reports The Guardian. MEDL Mobile’s principal, Dave Swartz has said…”The runaway success of the App Store has created the legend of the iPhone millionaire.”

Therefore Swartz and partner Andrew Maltin have launched App Incubator which is a service that offers to turn your great ideas into applications for a share of the profits. The company has thus far received some 12000 idea submissions from 5000 applicants of which roughly a 3rd are flagged for consideration.


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  1. My app idea is being launched this week. Check out what is happenning on twitter @shoesmith81 or robshoesmith.com

    App goes live this week. Its been an amazing journey.

    This is the real deal.

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