Video: Mozilla Geo-location API on iPhone Safari Browser

Did you all miss this one? Safari Browser is to include Geo-location on the iPhone, if you check GPS-enabled webpage page on a 3.0B5 iPhone’s Mobile Safari and Boom the webpage will check the GPS coordinates of the iPhone and in return show results according to ComputerWorld.

Mozilla’s upcoming implementation of the Geolocation API test page was built by Doug Turner; if you have Firefox 3.5B you can test it out for yourself. Google said that they will not bring in their Latitude for iPhone and said that they were now going to have a WebApp that would run in Safari.

The Geolocation API Specification is part of the W3 Consortium’s standards but hasn’t been finalized as of yet, check out ComputerWorld above for more information, or if you know about the above please send in your comments below. Check out the video below

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