iTunes 8.2: Possible Palm Pre Sync Issues, Low-Level USB Protocol, Prevents Jailbreak

There are a few warnings about downloading the all new Apple iTunes 8.2, we reported a few moments ago about “apple-itunes-82-affects-quickpwn-and-pwnagetool”, well the latest news according to The iPhone blog is to do with Palm Pre Sync Issues, Low-Level USB Protocol and that iTunes prevents iPhone Jailbreak.

The iPhone Dev-Team said that there are issues with iTunes 8.2 in where they told jailbreakers and potential jailbreakers not to install the all new released iTunes update. Problems occurring include the ability to use QuickPwn, iPhone Tunneling Suite (ssh over usb) and PwnageTool, this is not deliberate but just a flaw and that Apple has updated a low-level USB protocol.

No doubt the Dev-Team is working on a fix but cannot see it releasing until the iPhone OS 3.0 is final, another interesting thing is that could it affect the Palm Pre sync? Well the Dev-Team thinks that it may possibly break Palm Pre’s connection to the device (Please let us know about this one).

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