You having problems with BlackBerry Storm 9530 OS Firmware

Yesterday we reported about the BlackBerry Storm 9530 OS Firmware being live and available for download.

Well we have had a number of comments from our readers saying that they are having problems since they have downloaded this software, some are saying that it deletes your contacts and addresses, some say that you should always make a backup and so forth.

We want to know if you have had any problems with BlackBerry Storm 9530 OS Firmware, if you have please let us know what is wrong, or indeed if it has been fine and you have had problems at all what you like about the new update.


31 thoughts on “You having problems with BlackBerry Storm 9530 OS Firmware”

  1. Da Berry says:

    .148 ran great for more than a week. However, I began to have slowdowns and massive memory leaks and eventually, following an upgrade to the latest version of the Slacker radio app the other day, I was faced with the dreaded “Reload Software:552” message.

    I don’t tend to load my device up with a lot of apps, so I’m not sure where the problem lies. After a wipe and reload of the OS, I’m back up and running. We’ll see how long it stays on its feet this time.

  2. JR says:

    My download of .148 was perfect and all the major quirks have been perfectly addressed. The issue with contacts was that in the download process, contacts were downloaded to a separate backup file & had to be restored upon completion of the upgrade which was not an issue. Looking forward to Storm II.

  3. Jean-Paul says:

    I downloaded the update directly from RIM’s site Sunday evening and had no problems with the download.
    The actual updating of the Storm took a while; but all seemed to go well until I noticed the “there were some warnings encountered” message.
    Upon checking the results, I discovered that my contacts and a few other files had not been restored after the update.
    Restoring them proved to be a minor annoyance, since I made sure that I had good back-up before I started. Additionally RIM’s update included a back-up step before the firmware update started.
    It’s now been two days since the update and I haven’t experienced any problems.

  4. steve says:

    I successfully and easily installed the update. I have gone from being reasonably happy with the phone, but tolerant of too many quirks, to being thrilled. This is now a high quality blackberry.

    The most amazing part is the new full keyboard in portrait mode. To fit all the keys on vertically, they are much smaller than they used to be…yet I have yet to make a mistake typing. The key board sensitivity appears to be much more accurate (both landscape and portrait). Plus the phone doesn\’t lag like it used too.

    Fantastic update.

  5. Rick says:

    Easy update. As usual, you need to backup and restore your personal items. It did manage to keep my personal contacts custom ring tones.. I was pleasantly surprised as that doesn’t get backed up.
    No complaints seems to be running just fine with no surprises.

  6. alex says:

    i think .148 is terrible, my batery life went from 12 hours to 1 hour!! i get almost no reception anywere!! it reboots itself about every half hour. this is just terrible. i cant wait till the blackberrry tour comes out!!!!!

  7. Jermaine says:

    I just downloaded .148 and it seems to be working fine now. I noticed that my apps and the scrolling goes a lot faster now. Also my Contact are just fine.So far so good. But can anyone tell me what this was supposed to change? My camera seems to still be slow as ever.

  8. Steven Cameron says:

    Ever since I upgraded to 148, my battery has been draining rapidly. Before I could use it heavily and still have charge left at night. Now, I don’t use it at all and it is dead by early afternoon. I don’t have any applications running.

  9. I have now noticed after I downloaded the upgrade that when I want to answer my phone with my bluetooth headset that you now have to go to the actual HANDSET & go to the menu to connect to bluetooth!!! Anyone else having this issue?

  10. Hari Venkatesan says:

    I have the same issues that Alex, and Steven Cameron have mentioned. I updated my BB Storm software on Jun. 1st evening, and re-charged fully. Tuesday morning, after I made a call for about 10 minutes, by about 11 AM, the battery was down to “red”. On Wednesday, it is almost similar.

    Called up the Verizon Wireless Customer Support, and I was told that the battery will be replaced.

    I did not lose any data or contacts. However, my phone failed to recognize the memory card. But, after re-booting, it worked fine.


  11. Gary says:

    My BB applications have gone except four: Core Applications, Browser, Email Setup App. and Phone. Some fonts seems lost also. How can I downgrade? Thanks.

  12. Jake says:

    ya i liked .148 for like two days untill it got a little slower and i noticed that it does drain battery quicker o ya and i started to run out of app memory…i thought .141 was better

  13. Tony says:

    Phone will not stay locked anymore when you do voice command calling thru headset. All was fine with previous version. Now you can’t carry phone in pocket and make calls because you have to manually relock after every voice dialed hands free call.


  14. James says:

    Lost calendar in the update and almost slit my wrists. Sluggish performance with constant hour glass. Severe memory leaks. Battery drains more quickly. Restored calendar but sync wants to delete hundreds of entries. Pulling battery alot to regain memory and improve performance. I’m done. Confidence is gone. Spirit is broken. I can’t do my job with this lack of reliability.

  15. Andre says:

    Since upgrading to .148 I’ve noticed that I’m having problems staying connected to the Edge network on T-Mobile. Typically you know you’re connected at full reliability when Edge is showed in uppercase (ex. EDGE) but now my phone is constantly going from upper to lowercase. Because of this I’m not able to get email, surf the net, or somethings receive calls. This is very frustrating.

  16. jomak says:

    I’m having a problem similar to yours, Andre. Twice now since doing the update, my email will stop receiving emails and the 1XEV will change to lower case 1xev. My battery also seems to have developed a mind of its own and lasts long on some daiys and drains rapidly on others with no apparent changes in the nature of how I use the phone. Starting to behave alot like my old piece of crap Palm 700wx. This is the first BlackBerry that has ever given me problems.


  17. Hassan Khan says:

    I have havingg connection problems. I live in stratford, ct which is a good coverage area but in my house i dont have good service. I like 1 bar sometimes 2. Outside the house i have 3-4 bars. Any solutions?

  18. Alvin Cruz says:

    I had upgraded my OS to .148 about a two weeks ago 6/05/09 on midnight and woke up noticing that i had no e-mails wich was strange cuz i get e-mails everyday but my network was all on 1XEV so what i did is turn off my network and turn it on and then pull out the battery waited 10 sec and then placed it back and i recieved like 20 e-mails that was on hold. I had to keep on doing this for a week until i got fed up and called verizon tech i explained my situation and they said that i was not the only one with a problem upgrading my OS so they send me a replacement without charge, now i upgraded again on 6/19/09 it happen so i did the battery again and now i dont have that problem anymore.

  19. Sharon says:

    I installed the wireless upgrade a couple of weeks ago and have found that my battery life has gone from 3 days with normal use down to 1 day so the phone spends more time on charge and my screen sensitivity is now tempremental – i understand that i can downgrade back to my previous version and am considering it.
    Two other colleagues in my office also upgraded and they do not seem to be experiencing any problems!

  20. stormuser says:

    My red end button came off and when I took the phone in to the store they told me that I would have to pay 50.00 for another phone. The buttons are glued on and I have to pay for that?

  21. Bernie says:

    Install of update went without issue. Camera noticeably improved. No complaints UNTIL this past couple of weeks. Touch screen freezes frequently. In fact, everything freezes for varying periods of time, then everything works fine, for a while. Screen freeze sporadic! Never happened before update to

  22. craig says:

    having problems with the touch screen. It works when it feels like working. no matter if i touch it light or hard. Its aggravating and I find myself pulling the battery out and restarting it and it works.sometimes the buttons highlight sometimes they dont. sometimes it highlights top buttons when i trying one on the bottom. Im getting aggravated because we all pay alot for this fine and it should be good

  23. Ian Budge says:

    Problems since downloading software. Deleted contacts and will not connect to resync them.

    Also crashes all the time.

    Blackberry have broken my device and effectively stopped me ordering a new blackberry when my contract ends.

  24. I upgraded my Storm. Then I noticed that Facebook had been removed and now Browser is gone! It doesn’t allow me to set them up from BB DEsktop?? any idea how to get facebook app and browser back?!

  25. john says:

    since the update my phone wont sync with bb desktop manager, plus when i plug it into my computer on mass storage i get a message saying usb device had malfunctioned and the battery barely lasts a day even when not in much use its very annoying

  26. Okay,l was on the phone with one of my friends two days ago.And after we got off the phone, and my text messages wouldnt come through.And saw that my signal was 1X and l couldnt get a message whatsoever.And my signal ls always 1XEV and lts hard for me to get text messages..what do l do to keep my signal the way lt was…?

  27. Okay,l was on the phone with one of my friends two days ago.And after we got off the phone, and my text messages wouldnt come through.And saw that my signal was 1X and l couldnt get a message whatsoever.And my signal ls always 1XEV and lts hard for me to get text messages..what do l do to keep my signal the way lt was…?

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