Samsung Jitterbug J delivers ease of use with more services

According to a post on mobileburn, GreatCall has announced the availability of the Samsung Jitterbug J, which is a new mobile phone for those users who are not interested in feature overload.

The Samsung Jitterbug J holds a slim design with an enlarged keypad that features backlit buttons with easy to read text, a better menu system, call waiting, customisation options, Bluetooth support and a longer battery life.

The Samsung Jitterbug J can also access applications via MyJitterbug Mobile Services Storefront. The Samsung Jitterbug J comes with a free car charger and costs $147


One thought on “Samsung Jitterbug J delivers ease of use with more services”

  1. Serena says:

    Certainly, the Jitterbug phone is too simple so it’s really perfect for those who hate using a cell phone that has too complicated features. Just like me! But I can say that this is not the perfect choice for those who are looking for a phone that is friendly to the purse. This one is quite pricey. My Uncle’s phone would make a better choice. My Uncle is using the Just5 Easyphone. This one is also simple to use and has practical features. In addition to that, this phone is also offered at an affordable cost including the rates of its calling plans.

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