Steve Jobs may return to WWDC for New iPhone Launch?

We are all aware that Apple big man, Steve Jobs has recently been suffering health problems and has stepped back from Apple for quite a while. However there have been whispers that Steve Jobs may return to WWDC 2009 to launch the new iPhone.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Jobs doctor has stated that “Mr. Jobs’s recovery “is coming along” and he is on schedule to return to work later this month.”

Now apparently Jobs isn’t expected to return to Apple until the end of the month, however, the inside word is that Apple it trying to coordinate Jobs return with an upcoming product launch. Possibly the new iPhone 2009?


One thought on “Steve Jobs may return to WWDC for New iPhone Launch?”

  1. Jamie Hylton says:

    I can picture it already…

    Schiller – “And I’d like to announce the new iPhone 3G Video!”

    Crowd cheer.

    Schiller – “Its simple to use, just go to your contact list, select who you want to call, and click Video, I wonder who we have in this contact list?”

    Crowd start to murmur.

    Schiller – “Lets try this number.”

    Big screen behind Schiller comes up with the screen of the iPhone and the “Calling” screen…

    Call is answered and there is that moment where nothing seems to happen…

    Schiller – “Hello? This is Phillip, to whom am I speaking?”

    Picture appears and…

    Steve Jobs – “Hi Phillip, Steve Jobs here…”

    And the crowd go wild, whoop, whoop, whoop….

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