The Palm Pre Launch Rush!

Palm Pre launch day has arrived and is there the large camp out or bustling lines of people queuing like they did with the Apple iPhone 3G, to get Palm’s saviour smartphone?

In a word…No!

As this image posted on precentral shows, hardly an impressive turnout as precentral ask readers to send in photos and at least one didn’t disappoint. John sent in his photo of his waiting for the Palm Pre launch as 5PM Eastern yesterday.

The Palm Pre Launch Rush!

They have several image of the wait for the Palm Pre, but if you take a look at them you’ll find it’s hardly iPhone stuff.


One thought on “The Palm Pre Launch Rush!”

  1. Ed Roberts says:

    Stop comparing this thing to the iPhone. Palm and Sprint don’t have the iClique that drools over every word from Steve Jobs mouth. Of COURSE there isn’t going to be lines comprable to the iPhone’s launch. They don’t have the same community. That certainly dosn’t make it a bad phone.

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