Early Upgrade: Pay to end of contract for new iPhone 3GS

We have found via Twitter that all those that have contracts with O2 will have to pay to the end of their contract if you want an early upgrade.

If you visit O2’s Digital Media Centre site you will see under Twitter Updates “One last clarification: You will need to pay to end your contract if you want to upgrade early. See you all tomorrow!”

If this is all true that is a right pain in the backside, this means that all current iPhone 3G owners will either have to wait or pay shed loads of money. We will keep you posted on this matter.


2 thoughts on “Early Upgrade: Pay to end of contract for new iPhone 3GS”

  1. Khush says:

    Tell you the truth this change in policy is crazy and the designer of the policy needs to be worried about his job. I honestly can’t see many people upgrading with this change…

  2. Ian says:

    Yes, it is Crazy!!!

    If they want new iphone to outdo sales for any other phone, it would have been the original (day 1 – DIE hard) iphone owners that would have done it..
    But now they have to wait till end of contract or pay extra, I also cannot see many upgrading early, and when my 18 month contract does run out, I prob won’t get the iphone again as it would have been out for over 6 months and would not be the latest tech…

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