New iPhone 3GS Official Features at WWDC 2009

We have a few official features straight from WWDC 2009 about the all new iPhone 3GS, this is exciting and we are on the edge of our seat here.

Thanks to Engadgets live blog we have some official features for you, the all new iPhone 2009 will be 2 times faster than the current version when it comes to messaging, SunSpider test is less than half the rating of the 3G with 3.0, 7.2Mbps HSDPA and will offer amazing hardware features.

At last we know that this all new 3GS version will have a 3 megapixel autofocus camera, it will also feature auto white balance and tap on what you want to focus on, Macro as close as 10cm away, API for developers, captures video, and better low light performance.

About the camera and auto focus: Simply go into the camera application then select video, it features VGA, 30fps, audio, when you go into the app you will be able to see video where you will be able to scrub along with your finger, it will also allow you to edit and share by email. There is an API for this as well which is great for developers, oh yes build video capture tight into your very own apps.

More features and pricing coming pretty soon readers.


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