O2 Customers Furious at iPhone 3G S Upgrade Costs

Apparently O2 customers are somewhat disgruntled with having to pay for the remaining time on their O2 iPhone contract if they wish to upgrade to the new iPhone 3G S handset, and pay full price for the handset as well reports telegraph.co.uk.

The word is customers have been flooding internet forums and Twitter with said complaints due to many expecting a similar deal to that of the iPhone 3G back in last July.

O2 has confirmed however that customers will need to buy out their current contract before switching to the new iPhone 3G S, which has O2 iPhone customer furious.


10 thoughts on “O2 Customers Furious at iPhone 3G S Upgrade Costs”

  1. Chris says:

    Absolutely outrageous behaviour on the part of O2. The customers who are desperate to upgrade are the early adopters desperate to have the latest kit. These are good and loyal customers who will stick with o2. You are just shooting yourselves in the foot!

  2. Ian says:

    I have been a (Die Hard) iphone owner with O2 since day 1 and they recon that it is the iphone has made them loads of money, but I for one will not pay to end my 18 month iphone contract early!!

    O2 could at least have kept an early upgrade deal, just for the loyal iphone owners…

    If O2 makes me wait till the end of my 18 month iphone contract, the new iphone will be over 6 month old and I will NOT be interested in getting it…

  3. Seb says:

    Its f*****g unbelieavable, I had to agree to an 18 month contract at £41.75 a month on an iPhone that would be out of date within a year?! And now I have to buy out my existing contract and pay for the handset as well? It’ll be cheaper to cancel the contract and buy the new handset on pay as you go. O2 have really f****d their customers over with this one. They’re saying they won’t do it because they can’t give 1st gen iPhone owners an upgrade to the 3G model, then another one now, but what about the people who started on the 3G model? f*****g disgraceful.

  4. David says:

    O2’s stance on this upgrade is outrageous. Last time they did the decent thing and offered reduced price upgrades to upgrade but this time I think they’ve lost their minds.

    I urge everyone to make the biggest stink. It is only through continued negative press that they they may change the policy. Personally, I have already reported this to BBC TV’s WatchDog and will be emailing Channel 5’s Gadget Show. If anyone can think of anyone else to contact, please do!!!!

  5. Loyal iPhone punter says:

    Not one to swear normally but I can’t f*****g believe it either! I think Apple needs to step in here. It’s their product that is going to suffer! Like a lot of the people above I was queuing up to get the 3g and promoted it to everybody I know…that’s not going to happen this time. Very very very bad move 02! You’ve still got 5 days to work this out…do the right thing!

  6. Ross says:

    I cant believe I signed up to a contract which, when sold to me, O2 reps said that I could hand back the iPhone 3G and get whichever new iPhone handset came out when it did for free, so long as I signed to a new 18 month contract from that day.

    The fact that they have now gone back on their word and in essence broken their contract…Its f***ing ridiculous. Bring the iPhone to Vodafone, at least they have some morals.

  7. andy mackay says:

    To use the local parlance (Glasgow) I am raging @ O2 for this, they are satan in carnate Etc, Etc. But the trouble is a sorta see their point, as much as I don’t want to. I suppose by doing it b4 when th 3G came out we all just made the assumption that they would do it again. I didn’t have an iPhone @ the time, but I did have a contract with them when I had the venarable old N95, and I remember thinking ‘oh god that’s OK’ As O2 say why should iPhone customers get special treatment that’s the contract we signed, they wouldn’t make an exeption for other phone users so why should they for us. But the thing O2 don’t understand is that I absoultly, have to have the 3Gs, it’s a matter of life and death I need that phone, I need it, I need it, I need it, bad things will happen if I am denied it (well cheaply anyway).
    I remember when i bought my first iPod a b/w 4g non photo one, and the 2 days later Apple announced the Colour Photo 5g, and Apple very kindly let me swap to thy new one, and very nice it was of them too.

  8. Piers says:

    i too an an diehard iPhone user! and i thought at&t were crap for not allowing tethering, having mms straight away and having crappy service, but even they allowed iPhone 3G owners to upgrade to the 3Gs, albeit for an extra $200 but still, i am PISSED at o2 for not allowing me to upgrade, this is vastly compelling me to ship in an iphone 3Gs and hacking the fucker. 02 may soon be loosing my business, sort out please o2??

  9. matt says:

    All iPhone customers should threaten to pay off their contracts early and switch to the Google phone on Vodafone….I’m sure Vodafone would be willing to do a deal if there was 1000+ customers willing to switch! O2 would have to give the free upgrade or face loosing 1000’s of customers!

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