Google Wave: How good is it for mobile smartphones?

Last week at the Google I/O conference, Google gave plenty of info on the next generation Android smartphones, but they also announced Google Wave, a new communications and collaboration tool which is under development reports courierpress.

Everyone uses instant messaging and email, and Google Wave looks to combine the teo and add even more. The basis of Google Wave is the user can create a “wave” to discuss a topic with numerous friends, colleagues and family.

The “wave” is a collaborative document and conversation used by several people at the same time and includes videos, maps, photos, rich text and chat, and anyone in the collaboration can edit, and reply on the wave.

Developers will be able to build applications into Google Wave such as Facebook and games such as Suduko and Mafia Wars. Google Wave isn’t available yet but it’s due later this year or early next year; however, I’m not too sure just how well it will do for mobile smartphones.

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