O2 Contact Us: We have questions about new iPhone 3GS 2009

We here at PhonesReview have many questions we would love answered so we are calling out to O2 for a few answers about the new iPhone 3GS 2009.

I personally have had the Apple iPhone 2G and soon as the 3G version was released I was standing in the queue waiting for quite some time to get it, the first day queued for ages only to be told they was sold out, second day same again and third day finally got my mitts on it. I was well impressed with what this iPhone was capable of doing and still happy, as you can guess we get to handle many phones and still say the iPhone tops them all; not saying other phones features are rubbish because there are many that we love.

Anyway to the point: The all new Apple iPhone iPhone 3GS is being released June 19th 2009 and yes we know that current 3G users can download the new OS 3.0 software on June 17th, but myself and no doubt many of our readers are disappointed about a few things; for example the fact that for an early upgrade for the new iPhone 3G S you have to pay the rest of your contract up or indeed wait until your contract reaches its date, now I have until January 25th 2010 which means I would have to pay nearly 7-months x £45 plus no doubt a termination fee as well; O2 please verify this for me.

I want one of these phones as soon as the doors open at O2 on June 19th, or they can just simply send me one as we are a Phone site and we can review it in-depth (Yeah we know that will not happen), but come on there are many O2 customers that have been loyal for many years and now we have to sit back and wait months for the new iPhone which truthfully annoys me to the teeth, I really do not want to pay hundreds and hundreds of pounds for one.

Ok you can still download the new 3.0 software and get many cool features, but the current iPhone 3G does NOT have voice control, video recording, faster speeds, auto-focus camera, 3 megapixels etc. O2 please contact us here at phonesreview.co.uk and let us know if we really do have to finish up our contracts before getting the all new iPhone 3GS, surely there is something you can do to keep all us loyal O2 customers happy.

email us on – mark@phonesreview.co.uk or use our contact form here >>> https://www.phonesreview.co.uk/contact/

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