How to conference call on new iPhone 3G S

So once you have your new shiny Apple iPhone 3G S smartphone in your paws you may want to know just how to make conference calls, which allows the iPhoner to talk to more than a single caller at a time and merge up to 5 calls depending on your carrier of course.

Well Apple has given the details on the how to make a conference call on the iPhone 3G S and it does like this…

Start a call, tap add call and then make another call while the 1st call is placed on hold, next tap merge calls and the calls are merged onto a single line, and then you can add extra calls up to a maximum of 5 callers. Simple really isn’t it.

There’s more though, to chat private within a conference call simple tap Private next to a call, and to add an incoming call tap hold call plus answer and then merge calls.

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