iPhone OS 3.0 Poll: Have you downloaded new software update?

As you are all aware the all new Apple iPhone OS 3.0 software update is now live and ready to download via iTunes, we would love to know if you have downloaded it yet.

We would also love to know if you like or dislike and of course is it what you expected, we will bring you many updates about this new software. There are many new features within the software and we would love to know what you think, be honest please.

At the moment we are installing and it is backing up all files, we will of course keep you posted. Please vote on our poll below.

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3 thoughts on “iPhone OS 3.0 Poll: Have you downloaded new software update?”

  1. johnv says:

    i downloaded the software update at 10:18 am pacific time pretty much the second it went live im done with it. its so cool, has the servers crashed yet ??????????????

  2. TomT says:

    Downloaded it within minutes it was released. After going through all of the “new features” – it’s really “No Big Deal” – To be honest – these features should have been out with the 1st release – don’t get me wrong, I love the iphone but AT&T is keeping us from using the iPhone’s full potential. I hope that the iPhone will be able to be sold by multiple carriers. We are locked in to AT&T – for NOW. The download and install went off without a hitch. I still hate the fact that I have 500 emails in my Trash and have to delete them One at a Time. Kind of ridiculous in this day and age. If it wasn’t for the App Store and the Apps available, this iPhone would be used as just an iPod for my daughter. Apple is nickel and dimeing us to death, new feature drips just when any one else seems to announce a phone that may have a chance to compete. I hope Verizon gets the iPhone soon so I can dump AT&T but Verizon will screw it up just like they did with all of the smartphones – kill us on PLAN Extras..

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