New iPhone OS 3.0: Spotlight Information

Got to love the all new Spotlight feature that you get with the all new Apple iPhone OS 3.0 update, many of you have probably downloaded the new software and many of you are still waiting to download it, we keep saying be patient because you will get it in the end.

Anyway let’s chat a little about the new Spotlight feature: Spotlight is the system-wide indexing and search feature that will allow you to search your entire iPhone, it can find contacts, files, music, apps etc, and it will even find Email headers, Calendar event names as well.

To access the Spotlight feature all you need to do is go to the first menu page and then swipe from left to right and hey presto there is Spotlight, this is awesome because you can search the whole iPhone from this new feature, saves looking for stuff. When you are on Spotlight area it will show a black page with a search box on top and the portrait keyboard on the bottom.


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