U.S iPhone 3GS: Just an upgrade and dearer but faster

According to an article over on economictimes, the iPhone 3G S is just an upgrade to the iPhone 3G and that the “S” stands for speed, which Apple claims is much faster.

They state that this is more of an upgrade than a new model per se, although not changing the outward appearance does have its advantages such as being able to continue to use the origins docks unlike when the original iPhone changed shape.

As for pricing, the iPhone 3G S is supposed to be 50% cheaper but in reality is only reduced by $100 and only for users with a 2 year contract. Airtel and Vodafone prices in India with the price cut will be roughly Rs31,000 and Rs36,000.

They also state that until August when India gets their 3G network it isn’t worth considering the iPhone 3G S although you could jailbreak the iPhone 3G S to work on the 3G BSNL/MYNL 3G network that is running in some cities

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