New Future Apple iPhone to get better resolution screen

The new iPhone 3G S is now out, and although of great interest, many are now turning their speculation towards what the next generation iPhone will possibly deliver.

With this in mind computerworld has done a side by side comparison between the iPhone 3GS and a supposed “iPhone killer” rival to see if they could come up with any insight into what to expect in the next iPhone release.

And they came up with the biggest possible change could well be the iPhone screen, the iPhone has a screen that has remained the same throughout while the rest of the mobile industry has moved forward with their screens.

The iPhone offers 480 x 360 pixels while the Nokia N97 offers 640 x 360 on a similar sized display, the HTC Touch HD and Toshiba T-01A have 800 x 480 pixel, and thus Apple may not want to increase screen size but the next iPhone could well offer a higher resolution.


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