Do BlackBerry owners suffer when new devices like new iPhone release?

Apparently there is a substantial number of BlackBerry smartphone owners who suffer some form of iPhone envy according to a new report from crowdscience.

The same survey also states that just 14% of smartphone users would actually switch from another mobile phone to a BlackBerry device. This survey follows a report of stagnant subscriber and shipment growth for Research In Motion.

Furthermore, the survey concludes that a huge 82% of iPhone users will remain loyal to Apple, and are apparently more satisfied with their iPhone than any other band of smartphone users.


One thought on “Do BlackBerry owners suffer when new devices like new iPhone release?”

  1. Ricky Davis says:

    RIM are just too slow in releasing new BlackBerry devices. There is the case for not releasing too many handsets too soon. This is to give a particular handset a chance in the marketplace.

    The case for a stand alone store is becoming stronger in light of this current survey. Maybe a BlackBerry store in Wall Street and The City of London (London Stock Exchange) might give RIM a fighting chance.

    There could be a core of well trained staff to provide all kinds of services and products. From OS updates to brief tutorials, also selling products and equipment.

    RIM needs to get out there and compete RIGHT NOW!!!!

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