New Apple iPhone OS 3.0 will kill battery on older versions

The new Apple iPhone OS 3.0 has had over 6 million downloads since its release with the new firmware working not only with the new 3G iPhone but also with the original.

We have found via Gearlog that the new firmware is causing the battery life on the older versions to nosedive also causing the phone to run hot. There have been a few reports of battery life drop which primarily attributed to debugging software but I am sure you would agree as this is a final release you would not expect this to happen.

The newer-hardware is apparently unaffected and Apple need to resolve this problem very soon as this is not an isolated problem (hopefully it will be resolved very soon).


4 thoughts on “New Apple iPhone OS 3.0 will kill battery on older versions”

  1. Mathew says:

    I thought it was just myself that was using my phone more 🙂 But its good to know it not me then. Though i have noticed that having notifcation now on is draining it alot more. Switching that off helps alot.

  2. Kelie Bailey says:

    I’m having this problem. After upgrading my 1st gen iPhone from 2.2 to 3.0, and my battery runs DRY within a mater of hours. I’ve done all I can; disable push, slowed down my email check rate, location services, etc. To no avail. When I hold the phone near a speaker, it causes it to beep from cellular interference; only problem is, it doesn’t stop. I have no data plan or even text messaging. So I’m confused why the phone is CONSTANTLY talking to the cell network. Anyone else have this problem? Please contact if anyone knows anything about this: nerd AT officialnerd.com

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