iPhone 3GS White has overheating problem

In the past there have been reports of iPhone handset overheating, and the problem doesn’t seem to have been fixed with the new iPhone 3GS.

An article on nowhereelse states white iPhone 3GS owners are now reporting overheating during a period of using GPS and 3G which results in decolourisation of the handset.

iPhone 3GS White has overheating problem

Obviously no one wants to walk round with an iPhone 3GS that looks scorched, so this problem does need looking into quickly. Anyone with a white iPhone 3GS experienced the same problem? If so feel free to drop us a line.


5 thoughts on “iPhone 3GS White has overheating problem”

  1. Samuel Galstian says:

    I bought my 3gs yesterday from Best buy and 100% it has heat issues I felt right away, i Had iphones for 2 years 3G and Original, still have them and I compare them i can see the diference The 3gs gets hot!

  2. raymond lee says:

    just got the iphone less dat a week ago.. having the saem problem.. while am using the internet and gps.. is hot…. b ut aT FIRST I THORT IS NORMAL… BUT TODAT IT GETTIN EVEN HOT…

  3. Chadwick says:

    Bottom line it comes off with a little bit of alcohol. Granted technology today especially Apple should have dealt with this problem by now, it should not happen but its not permanent, mine cleans right off with no problem. It only over heats if people are careless with it. You don’t use the ipod, then the video camera, then call someone, then surf the net, and then play games. I usually use it for one thing at a time. No technology should be built to be used carelessly.

  4. Elizabeth says:

    has the problem been fixed and is it only when the phone is being over used or just with GPS?
    I’m getting an iPhone this Saturday and I really would appreciate some feedback.

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