Nokia N97 Firmware Update: No Keyboard Fix

The Nokia N97 hasn’t been available that long and is already receiving an update to its firmware as of July the 1st reports the BGR.

However the update doesn’t do anything to fix the Nokia N97 keyboard which there has been several reports that the space bar is placed too far to the right of the typing area.

The new firmware will no doubt go some way to fixing many of the N97 bugs that owners are experiencing, but as for the keyboard problem looks like you’re stuck with it.


8 thoughts on “Nokia N97 Firmware Update: No Keyboard Fix”

  1. Genius says:

    Hey dumb UK comment. Nokia release “firmware” update, not “hardware”. Why are you complaining about the keyboard (which hardware). How do you update a hardware? Not unless you buy a brand new model. DUMBER!!! You must be a dumbest person on earth.

  2. kitty says:

    Stupid, most users and reviews are praising that the space bar is on the far right. It is very useful. If you haven’t used it then you would never know and think that it is wrong. It is obvious that you are just an ignoramus.

  3. steve says:

    Who let someone who has no idea about the difference between hardware and firmware write this.

    The space bar is genius, a keyboard one is so long its almost on the right and left anyway.

    maybe the new firmwear will give it new colours hahaah see what i did there

  4. Common Sence says:

    I am soo tired of reading how the firmware will not fix a hardware issue with the keyboard. If you people can’t come up with anything better to label your blogs then don’t write one at all. I happen to like the space bar in the position it is in!!!

  5. Dave says:

    so many are just copy and pasting crap info about this to their blog sites without even reading the stupid mistakes in them. Make your own news and stop pasting in stupid comments that you clearly haven’t researched!

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  7. G says:

    Hey “Genius”, I suggest you forbear from insulting people, especially in this case when you have only embarrassed yourself.

    The *functioning* of the keyboard can of course be changed by firmware, and a number of people have commented that improvements are needed in the *firmware* for the way the keyboard works, especially in relation to punctuation.

    In fact I predict that this will happen, and I hope it happens soon.

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