Orange: Michael Jackson O2 Concert Ticket buyers to get full refund

The latest news for Jacko fans is that those who bought Michael Jackson tickets for comeback concerts in London will get a full refund.

The bosses at AEG Live who are the ones promoting 50 This Is It gigs at the O2 Arena will treat fans with the same reverence as MJ did, fans will also have the choice of being sent tickets as souvenirs in part lieu of the full refund. You can find more information about this via www.michaeljacksonlive.com from Wednesday.

Sadly Michael Jackson passed away and will be sadly missed, many of you like us do not care about the refund it is MJ we miss more not the money for tickets. Please visit Orange.co.uk for the latest news about the ticket refunds and Michael Jackson.


One thought on “Orange: Michael Jackson O2 Concert Ticket buyers to get full refund”

  1. I had heard that the concert promoter was going to have to give refunds but I hadn’t considered that many might want to keep their tickets as memorabilia….Smart…..

    If you can afford to hold on to the tickets, I would, but I guess their future value is dependent on how many people retain them and how many turn them in. I would guess that the fewer there are of them when it’s all said and done, the more valuable they’ll be…

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