Do you prefer BlackBerry Tour, Palm Pre or iPhone 3GS?

With the arrival of the new iPhone 3GS and Palm Pre smartphone and the soon to be released BlackBerry Tour we will have quite a battle on our hands as to which smartphone will come out tops, and that’s not taking into consideration the Nokia N97.

Taking the iPhone 3GS, Palm Pre and BlackBerry Tour each of these 3 smartphone offer so much to the potential buyer, iPhone OS 3.0, WebOS, and of course the famed BlackBerry OS along with a multitude of features.

So what we would like to know from our readers is which one of these smartphones would you prefer to own; the iPhone 3GS, the Palm Pre, or the BlackBerry Tour?



12 thoughts on “Do you prefer BlackBerry Tour, Palm Pre or iPhone 3GS?”

  1. John G says:

    I owned the Iphone 2G, 3G and had a chance to try the 3GS my wife has and the Palm Pre I recently bought and I have to say the Palm Pre is my choice. The reason for my choosing the Pre is the multitasking, the compact size, the physical keyboard and I get better reception from Sprint than ATT in my area, not to mention, I save more money with the Sprint everything plan than what ATT charges on the Iphone. I have not tried the Blackberry Tour to be fair, but knowing how much the plans ran for their services on the Curve and Bold, I’m sure it will be the same, if not more for the Tour, so the Pre was the choice for me.

  2. I’ve played with the iphone, iphone 3gs, blackberry curve, but never actually owned those phones. But, since I’m a little tech savvy, I must say the Palm Pre out weighs overall performance and capabilities of the others. It’s the multi-tasking that makes the biggest difference especially when you need to schedule, check email, while texting all at the same time.

  3. KC says:

    Keep this in mind when picking a phone:

    Verizon is being really kind to their existing customers by only allowing Pre-orders to NEW CUSTOMERS at this time. So much for being a loyal customer and wanted to spend money by buying a new phone and extend to a new 2 year contact.

  4. Chalty says:

    Most of the studies I’ve seen state that the iphone 3gs loads most things at double the speeds of the pre. I would like to see how much time you save with multitasking on the pre compared to just opening apps on the iphone. Also how does battery quality add up between the two. On the iphone its a matter of clicking the home button and then clicking the app you want open. A lot of the apps are exactly the way you left them when they were closed. It’s almost like multitasking. The only thing I see an advantage with is with a radio app playing in the background, but then again if you have the song on your ipod then you can just play the song in the background anyways.

  5. Ray says:

    Pre most definitely. Apple is too much “look at me I got an IPhone.” I want to hit them over the head with there macbook and latte

  6. ES says:

    Have to say I prefer the Pre. The multi-tasking is outstanding. I don’t notice any lag when loading apps. I only notice a slow start up time.

  7. KY77 says:

    I have had the pre since launch 06/06/09 and I must say it is going back tomorrow. Lack of apps, The slowness for the apps it does have to open, the TS is not very responsive and I usually have to touch my selection more than once for the phone to respond. The build quality is not the greates, my phone is already showing signs of wear where the phone slide open and it has not even been a month. I hate that I have to use the keyboard to go to a website then turn the phone sideways to get a bigger view screen then turn it back to change sites. The keyboard is tooo small and the signal strangth is terrible. I have never had signal problems with any sprint phone and I have had many phones over the course of 10 years. Just last weekend I was in Cinci OH and the GPS signal was going in and out saying no signal when I have full bars and EVDO coverage the entire time. Never had this issue either esp in cinci. The phone does have good features and I hope they get th bugs worked out as well as get a real app store with more than 30 apps. I think it is ridiculous this phone has been out almost a month and was a highly hyped phone for months pre release however they can’t get more apps????

  8. John G says:

    You are already giving up on the Pre after having it for a month?? Apple took a whole year to even come up with Apps. give it some time and Apps will start flourishing on the Pre. You can’t text or type in landscape mode? there is a virtual keyboard being worked.

    The multitask is way faster than you think, to go look between open windows/programs called cards. By the time you hit the home button to close and open the next app, I have already skimmed through 5 open cards on my pre. Someone should put that on youtube.

  9. Chalty says:

    @John G
    I would love to see a youtube video to compare multitasking compared to reopening the app. Unfortunately I’ve been searching for weeks without any luck. It would also be nice to see a chart to show battery consumption when this test is done. I was just saying, all of the videos i’ve seen with multitasking on the pre first has to touch the home button and then the app. You do the same thing on the Iphone except the program doesn’t hog resources in the background. If you find a link to a video comparison post it so I can see.

  10. John G says:

    I understand what you are saying. The Pre has a setting under Advanced Gestures in which allows you to switch applications on the fly with just a swipe on the gesture area and without having to hit the home button like on any of the Iphones. I will try to upload a video on youtube displaying this.
    About the battery life drain because of the multitasking? I believe it does have an affect on power comsumption and indeed drains it faster than the iphone would.

  11. scott sherman says:

    ive done a ton of research and have actually speed tested the iphone 3gs and the pre on wifi in my home.
    the iphone starts up in like 20 seconds.
    the pre takes almost 2 minutes.
    that said however, the pre loaded web pages a tiny bit faster and in a real race of taking a picture, texting myself saying that i took it, and then sending the picture via MMS, the pre won by almost ten seconds.
    i LOVE my ipod and do not own an iphone, and there is a lot to be said for a device that simply works and is very intuitive.
    but intuition in a phone really only applies to “new” users. the pre, when gotten used to and mastered, is significantly more useful from a communication standpoint.
    also, i have an ipod touch if i want appstore games or iphone functionality.
    the pre has an app that transmits wifi from the 3G sprint netwrk like a MiFi, so if i really need OSX mobile, i can just use both devices.

    i LOVE apple, but i have always been a palm mobile device user.

    i would go with a pre between those two.

    the black berry tour has an incredible screen and an arguably better camera than the pre, but is too much a business phone for my taste. i need gmail to work, and i need to view pdfs and word documents. the pre does these as well as a bb tour and i like the touchscreen.
    i used to have a centro so the keyboard on the pre is actually better for me, but thats personal taste.

    since i had a centro and never a trackball phone, and currently have an ipod, im hooked on touch screens.
    i find myself trying to touch the screens of random peoples phones i try out like bbs and others. this habit could be broken but i like the ability to just touch what i want to click.

    the browser is also as good as the iphones on the pre, whereas bb browsers are slightly less accessible for someone like me who is used to safari mobile and the web on my centro.

    thats my 2cents.

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