Apple iPhone 3GS all sold out in UK

According to the exclusive carrier in the UK (O2) the new Apple iPhone 3GS is totally sold out.

The demand for the new iPhone 3GS has been phenomenal and because of this O2 have run out temporarily on line, over the phone and in their retail stores. O2 have stated on their website that the iPhone 3G 8GB is available in all channels but stock will not be available until the end of the week.

One million people purchased the new Apple iPhone 3GS within the first three days of the phone being available according to apple, in comparison with the original iPhones which 6.1 million were sold over five quarters and has sold 22 million to date. The US are also running low on stock with 13 of its 211 stores out of stock and only 31 stores with four models available.


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