Raised taxes of 14-percent on mobile phones squashed by EU

There has been recent legislation in the EU which could have seen mobile phones reclassified as “multi functional devices” and would have raised taxes by a staggering 14%, the delightful news is that this was only proposed and this has not happened.

Mobiles being shipped with TV receivers would have also received an increase of 14%, and the cost of a mobile containing GPS would have had its cost price increased by around 3%.

A spokesperson from Nokia (NYSE:NOK) has said “Nokia is very pleased that the commission is taking this view and that the uncertainty surrounding the issue has now been removed”. Swedish Trade Minister Ewa Bjorling said in a recent statement that we are in need of more products and businesses free of tariffs, and that the backing received is a very promising and positive signal.

Questions are still being raised around the fact that a Nokia E71 is $300 on Amazon.com yet in Finland the same model retails for 370 Euro or $518.63, so where do you live? if you live in the EU what would the cost of a Nokia E71 cost you?

Source – intomobile.com

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